Transparency portal




Encourages external candidates to apply and also attracts researchers from abroad. Women are welcome.


The selection panel composition is objective. The process of nominating and appointing the selection committee guarantees a diversity of members, balancing gender,  internal and external experts, bringing in competency and objectivity

The communication with candidates/applicants (acknowledgement, feedback) is timely and appropriate. 


A wide range of evaluation criteria is used and balanced, according to the position being advertised. Depending on the specific profile of the post, this may include (in alphabetical and not hierarchical order):

  • acquisition of funding;
  • generation of societal impact;
  • international portfolio (including mobility);
  • knowledge transfer and exchange;
  • management of research and innovation;
  • organizational skills/experience;
  • outreach/public awareness activities;
  • research performance;
  • supervision and mentoring;
  • teaching;
  • teamwork.


Applicants can easily find information on:

  • organisation;
  • job title, specifications and starting date;

  • researcher career profiles (R1-R4) with the respective ‘required’ and ‘desirable’ competencies;
  • selection criteria including knowledge and professional experience (distinguishing ‘required’ and ‘desirable’);

  • number of available positions;

  • working conditions, workplace, salary, type of contract
  • professional development opportunities and career prospects.

Job provision