Participation in scientific gatherings

12th Conference of Young Demographers

Organize: Young Demographers and the Department of Demography and Geodemography (Charles University, Faculty of Science)

Venue: Virtual i Praga

Tot el dia

Diederik Boertien; Luisa Fadel; Christine Schnor. Trends in educational profiles of male lone parents. Evidence from Belgium (1990-2018). Tipus de participació: Comunicació.

Octavio Bramajo. Application of a flexible APC model to visualize late-life depression prevalence trends in six European countries, 2004-16. Tipus de participació: Comunicació.

Jeroen Spijker; Lara Bister; Tobias Vogt; Fanny Janssen. Economic crisis during childhood and health in young adulthood – the case of post-reunification East Germany. Tipus de participació: Comunicació.